Sophia Calderone

Sophia is a native Brooklynite with a deep love for food, drink and solo-travel. Previously a techie in the agency world, she has now swan-dived into more creative endeavors. She has a strong taste for whiskey with a growing spreadsheet of past affairs and can be seen eating anything from dollar pizza to Michelin star restaurants meals. Sophia is also a cat-lover holding a TNR certification and can be found taking care of community cats or professionally pet-sitting someone’s fur baby.

Subtl Beauty

The Full Review on Subtl Staks 2.0

Subtl Stak 2.0 has taken the lead in sustainable travel beauty with their new system. Here is the full review for you.

Model walks for Roy G Biv at Runway 7 NYFW FW 2023

Streetwear at Runway 7 NYFW for Fall/Winter 2023

Runway 7 Fashion’s showcase last NYFW for Fall Winter 2023 season included some of the latest in Streetwear designers and we’ve got the list.