Tiffany Luning

Tiffany works for a Top Secret government agency by day, but - much like television's CIA agent Sydney Bristow – believes that you can simultaneously be a tool of Big Brother and look fabulous. A graduate of New York University, she spent most of her adult life as part of the nine inch nails juggernaut, and still loves them dearly. Tiffany loves makeup to a rather obscene extent, and likes to tell people about all the awesome new stuff she finds, even if other people don't consider neon-blue lipstick to be "awesome". She so become one of those people who work out every day and eat things like oatmeal with whey protein powder. Her other interests include booze, black clothes, big stompy boots, industrial/experimental music, and puppies. She is tattooed, pierced, and fortified with metal plates in some areas.

A Good Tan Is Hard To Find

[i]I am white[/i]. I don’t mean regular Caucasian-white, I mean blindingly white. Generations of Irish…

Rockin’ Makeup

Spring is fast approaching, or so I like to keep telling myself as I shovel…


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