Breathe Easy with Smul

Your car air fresheners can be chic with Smul. This sleek, black, and unnoticeable air freshener is perfect for all vents. Fragrances like Essence (floral), Serene (herbal), and Cologne (masculine) come with the Starter Kit from Smul. Each scent gel is crafted with essential oils that are non-toxic, allergy friendly, and made with a French-inspired palette. To use is simple: switch it to the open side to allow the aroma to fill the vehicle, close it to have it switched off. Changing scents is easy with the refill gels, which last for a month in my car. Smul makes for easy gifting for car lovers or new drivers alike. It comes in at a modest price of $23.99 that will change the way you experience driving, whether a road trip or around the corner, with Smul.