A Beloved Classic Reinterpreted with a Modern Twist

Letterfolk’s Modern Cuckoo Clock is a charming reinterpretation of the traditional cuckoo clock. It isn’t just a clock – it is an iconic timepiece, transforming the start of each hour into an event. Digital clocks simply don’t possess the engaging allure of a joyful bird tweeting about the passage of time.

This modern-day cuckoo clock announces the start of every hour with either a cuckoo bird’s call or a field recording with authentic birdsong chimes – your choice. If you select the birdsong chimes option you will hear the alternating songs of different types of birds: a blackbird, song thrush, garden warbler, robin, nightingale, bluethroat, golden oriole, and numerous other songbirds. A brochure describing the different types of birds, along with information about them, is enclosed with the clock. There is a knob for volume control and a light sensor to silence the sound system while you are sleeping at night.

The minimalist design of this wooden clock meshes seamlessly with eclectic, Scandinavian, contemporary, transitional, modern, or industrial home décors.

It is versatile, too. You can hang it on a wall or remove the pendulum and place it on a display case or atop a bookcase or side table. The clock comes with four different colored birds and four different colored discs so you can switch up the colors to complement or contrast with the clock or your décor.

This unique clock is the perfect gift to give to an avian enthusiast or anyone who likes unusual novelty items. If you are seeking a new clock, don’t settle for the ordinary. I adore Letterfolk’s Modern Cuckoo Clock, and you will too.


Rachelle Nones


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