A World’s Worth of Words with La Compagnie Du Kraft

A lover of words, a connoisseur of sentences, writing as a lifestyle; that’s me. And I like to pride myself on knowing the very best notebooks out there. Luckily I came across La Compagnie Du Kraft, a French company that has created journals for French and documents which trees they cut down, now creates notebooks for those who value a smooth and well-crafted page to write down their hopes, dreams, and grocery lists. Their notebooks are handcrafted from leather in small, medium, and large with refillable pages. Speaking of pages, they’re made of kraft paper and range in size but also format from unlined to dotted lines and regular lines. I love this variety of choice since some folks enjoy doodling or creating mind maps on the page. I received the Novum Organum in medium in the Gold color with light brown lines. The soft leather is flexible in my hands and backpack as I adventure out into the woods, beach, or campgrounds. I slip my favorite pen onto the cover and have this baby at my fingertips whenever inspiration strikes. La Compagnie Du Kraft is the notebook for anyone who’s in love with paper and pen – and even if you’re not, you will be once you write your first word. Pick yours up here and write on, dear reader!