An Actual Tech Gamechanger

I am the queen of multiple tabs upon multiple tabs in other multiple tabs. I swear I will eventually close out of them… one of these days. In the meantime, I plug in my SideTrak Monitor to help out with my many projects.

This attachable screen is foolproof, for even those of us who are technically illiterate (it’s me, hi). Once it arrived at my doorstep I unpacked it to reveal only a few items: the monitor, a couple wires, attachment pieces, and directions. I flipped through the booklet and simply plugged the cable into the monitor and then plugged the other side into my laptop. After a few seconds the screen came to life and mirrored my cute wallpaper from my laptop. Moving the cursor over to the monitor’s screen was easy as 1-2-3. Okay, more like 1. since it took literally one second to do.

Since I’ve received this nifty screen I’ve used my SideTrak for editing graphics, doing research papers, taking notes during online classes, and overall keeping my desktop a wee bit tidier. My brain doesn’t get clogged up by tab overload and I’m able to work more productively on my laptop.

This monitor is lightweight, making it easy to travel with on the subway or bus, as I head to the library or class. As someone who carries absolutely everything, SideTrak makes my commute infinitely easier. Perfect present for any college student in your life or friend who is constantly on their laptop. They will adore you forever.