Back To The Roots: Plant An Organic Summer Garden

Back to the Roots 100% USA Seeds are one of 2021’s World Changing Ideas in two categories: General Excellence & Corporate Social Responsibility, according to Fast Company magazine. Organic Seeds elevate our food chain, imparting more nutrition and healthfulness. What could be better this summer than planting your own garden, and eating the food you cultivated by your own hand?

World Changing Ideas is Fast Company’s premier annual awards program and is focused on “social good, seeking to elevate products and brave concepts that make the world better.” Back to the Roots seeks to bring more transparency to gardening and to support US farmers in the process.

Their non-GMO Heirloom seeds will enable you to grow everything from Mammoth Grey Stripe sunflowers, insect-repelling marigolds, English Lavender for scenting your summer home and clothes, to all of your favorite cooking herbs and salad veggies.

So seed a greener future by ordering your summer favorites at