Beautiful Technology for 2023

Technology is ubiquitous in our modern day. Why not use it for good – beautiful good? I’ve had the opportunity to test these three techy devices that help me to feel and look beautiful with each use!

Brightly Rechargeable Lighter

Set the mood with a little candle action but who wants to use matches or lighters that run out? Presenting: Brightly’s Rechargeable Lighter, a lighter that lasts longer than the candle you’ll be burning. Brightly is a brand focused on sustainability and eco-conscious goods, and plans on informing consumers that what they buy does make a difference to the Earth. The lighter is made with a lithium-ion battery to spark the flame it makes for an eco-friendly way to light up. Mine is in the gorgeous Citrine Yellow color. I just charged it for an hour and half. I’ve used it for grilling, which is perfect since I struggle with the typical gasoline lighters. This is ideal for my very beloved candles since I have trouble lighting the wicks when they’re low – problem solved.

Ultimate Hydration Bundle

Dirt, dust, and most lethal: pollen is always in the air. Even if I can’t see it, my immune system feels it with each sneeze and runny nose episode. My best kept secret is Canopy’s Ultimate Hydration Bundle. It comes with Humidifier Plus, both a humidifier and an aroma diffuser that filters the air for a cleaner, calmer breath and glowing skin (it’s even dermatologist-recommended). It’s made to combat mold (so no musky stink) with its design and replaceable filters. The aroma pucks are used to place the oil onto for a blissfully sweet session of Canopy. This set is in partnership with Laneige, with three marvelous scents: Peppermint Twist, Spa Water, and Lavender Dream… plus a Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I turn on my Canopy humidifier while dabbing on my sleeping mask for some much needed beauty sleep. In the morning I notice how refreshed my skin feels and my sinuses cleared up, with up to 1,000 square feet of my room hydrated. The best part is that I can clean my Humidifier Plus in the dishwasher and keep the cycle of glowing skin going!

MAYU Water
MAYU Swirl

I’ll be the first to admit that my water consumption isn’t great. I could blame it on forgetting, but the truth is, I don’t love the taste. It can be stale and flat and plain boring. Now, you think I’m going to mention some water tracking app (which I’m sure works for some people) but no… Let me introduce you to MAYU Water, a company that wants to change the taste of water, naturally. Their MAYU Swirl restores the structure of H2O by oxygenating the water to the air through the swirling vortex that, therefore, improves the taste of the water to be more silky, smooth, and even sweet. It’s as simple as filling the carafe with filter water, placing it on the plate, and letting it swirl. Afterwards, pour some into a cup and enjoy, saving the rest with the provided lid. I’ve been testing mine out and noticed that I return for more water throughout my day. I leave it in my fridge to chill, adding mint and lemon, but often just drinking it straight up. I’ve even made ice cubes with the swirled water and noticed a more balanced ice taste (yes I chew ice, judge me if you must). MAYU Swirl has used tech to change my habits, health, and beauty routine for the better.