Beauty Sleep: It’s All in the Pillow

Who says your nighttime skincare routine must stop at the sink? Beauty enthusiasts and practicers of self-care, consider taking your ritual a step further and enhancing your beauty sleep with these upgrades to your bed.

It’s all in the pillow. We spend a third of our lives fast asleep, and a good pillow aligns the spine, provides comfort, reduces snoring, and improves overall health by ensuring adequate shut-eye. Try Twilla’s Adjustable Pillow, a fully customizable option that comes with a patented removable pod system to allow you to create your perfect level of support, for any sleeping position. Twilla pillows are made with ultra-soft and breathable Tencel™ Fabric and filled with Light-Loft™ Filling and Cooling Gel Foam™; I can genuinely say this is the softest and most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. The good news is that you get a 100-night trial–if, after those 100 nights, you don’t absolutely love your pillow, you can return it for free (but trust me, you won’t).

Why stop at the pillow itself? For the most luxe sleeping experience, you need to try a silk pillowcase. Not only does this material keep you cool overnight, but it also absorbs less of that expensive skincare off your face and can help prevent frizzy hair and the formation of wrinkles. Plus, they are simply so soft and lovely and look beautiful on the bed. Here are three top-notch options I’ve been loving–just don’t forget to treat them with care:

Celestial Silk Pillowcases are made of 100% 25 momme mulberry silk (30% more silk than competitors), giving them a thick and luxurious feel, and come in either envelope or zipper closure style. Made of the company’s proprietary DiamondSilk™, they are buttery soft with a radiant sheen, and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. I also love that this brand donates 10% of all proceeds to charity. 

Lilysilk Silk Pillowcases are crafted with silk charmeuse, a fabric that creates a smooth, pearl-like gloss luster on the material. The silk is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, which ensures eco-friendly and fair trade practices. I tested the 22 momme pillowcase, which is available in an array of colors, with either a zipper or envelope closure, as well as oxford or terse style. This brand also gives back; currently, they are partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit that plants trees in countries around the world. 

Finally, Cozy Earth offers  responsibly-crafted 100% mulberry silk pillowcases that are sandwashed and treated with aloe vera, giving them a gorgeous gloss that’s super soft to the touch. Woven from the highest grade of 6A long fiber silk, these pillowcases come in beautiful neutral tones. If you’re feeling fancy, you could even try the brand’s silk pillow, filled with 100% long-strand mulberry silk and shelled with premium bamboo viscose. Either way, you’re bound to have sweet dreams.