Belly Up to the Bar (Soap)

Some men simply don’t like gel, foam and liquid soaps; they want the good old reliable bar soap in their hand and bath. I did a straw poll with the husbands and boyfriends of my circle of female friends and discovered that many of these guys do have a preference especially with the constant hand-washing going on today. Beast, Every Man Jack and 1821 Man Made are my top picks this month.

PK Greenfield


Beast offers Everyone Soap that is lightly scented, 100% natural and plant-based. This vegan and cruelty-free creation bar soap is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic coloring, gluten and petroleum. Such factors will make it appealing to guys concerned about our shared environment. Everyone Soap got extra points for the citrus scent and effectiveness in cleaning hands, feet, arms and legs.


I’ve been a fan of sandalwood for many years. Every Man Jack makes a 2-in-1 all-over bar – cleanse and shampoo. The combination piqued my interest and the scent put me completely on board to test this bar soap. I was not disappointed. The plant-based surfactants cleanse while the shea butter leaves the skin and hair nourished. Two clean thumbs up.

Shop: Every Man Jack

1821 Man Made makes a Detox Bar for deep cleansing and moisturizing. Some of the active ingredients include activated charcoal powder, macadamia seed oil, jojoba esters and quinoa seed extract. The sweet tobacco scent is fresh and masculine.

Shop: 1821 Man Made

Tip: Bar soaps tend to disintegrate rapidly when wet. In order to prolong the life of your bar soap, I suggest that you cut the bar in half and use each portion separately or purchase what I term soap feet. You can find them at any store like Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are plastic rings that you press into the bar of soap and keep the bar raised up so air can flow around it and keep it dry.

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