BenchK Sports Furniture For Pro Level At-Home Workouts

BenchK has an array of at-home gym equipment that fuses style with utility and has something for all ages, including children. Their wall bars serve as the foundation for their product line and enable people to workout in an enjoyable way at home on streamlined, sturdy equipment that blends easily into home decor.

BenchK wall bars are also multifunctional for performing a variety of different types of exercises, ranging from pull-ups and dips to more advanced gymnastic movements. They’re meticulously crafted with attention to detail to ensure durability and safety, and are now a staple in many homes, schools, and even rehabilitation centers, so you can rest assured when it comes to safety.

The BenchK Folding Gymnastic Mattress is useful for backup safety for at-home workouts too, and also works for pilates. This mattress or padding is versatile and eco-friendly, and can also be found at Competitor’s Outlet. The mattress pad has three soft square sections joined together, covered in elegant brown or grey eco-leather to easily blend into any room decor, and is especially great for children’s bedrooms because it folds up and can serve well at sleepovers. It’s entirely made from eco-friendly materials, so it’s free of unpleasant chemical odors and safe for children.

Kids can use the BenchK wall bar and use the mattress padding as backup. Lightweight and foldable, this mattress can can be placed on top of the wall pull-up bar to save space or used as a chair in a child’s room. It only weighs 12 ounds so children can drag it around, and has a 2-year warranty.

BenchK is a family-owned company, founded in 2014 by Vadim and Irena Zemlianyi when they relocated from the Ukraine to Poland, their grandparents’ homeland. They believe a healthy, exercise-filled lifestyle should start at a young age and be fun and easily integrated into daily life, so their multifunctional sports furniture blends seamlessly into any apartment or house. They can deliver products nationwide in the U.S. and are made from high-quality Polish raw materials that adhere to stringent European safety standards.

Visit their website here and check out these BenchK products for your own home and workout regime, which renders at-home workouts easy, private, and fun:

Summer workouts at home with air-conditioning? We’ll take it! You can also find BenchK products here at Competitors Outlet.

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