Best Products To Groom Gents For Spring

Every man needs a little help when it comes to grooming and choosing the right products to make him look and feel his very best. From shower gel to shaving soap and cologne here are a few items that we tried and tested during the winter season while spring is only a few weeks away.

Mënaji Advanced Men’s Skincare offers a Face and Body Scrub that exfoliates and purifies the skin. In other words, it clears clogged pores with a natural blend of vitamins and botanicals. Using this product 2 to 3 times a week on the face, neck and body helps guys to revitalize their look with clear skin. It wins points for not having a floral scent.

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A shaving soap is something new and very convenient to replace drug store shaving cream in the can, especially those small 3.5 oz travel sizes. Era Organics created a soap bar that does the daily job of holding a razor to a man’s face. Made with palm oil, olive oil, ginger root, etc., this bar soap makes it easier for guys who need to shave in a hurry — the oils make the blade glide across the skin. This soap leaves the skin moisturized and smoooooth.

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For the frugal man, Dial For Men has two new shower gels that are perfect for the bath or the gym. The Odor Combat is made charcoal technology to remove grit and grime. The Infinite Fresh version gives men a lasting freshness up to 25 hours — it past the test. The bottle grip and price gives these shower gels a few extra points.

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Nick Jonas continues to collaborate with John Varvatos in bringing new scents to the men’s cologne world. Their latest JV x NJ has top notes of pepper, cascalone (synthetic aquatic scent) and Kaffir lime with mid-tones of lavender, sage mint and rosemary. The base has sandalwood, ambroz and clearwood. The most prominent notes are mandarin, lavender and sandalwood.

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Yon Ka Paris has a new men’s line for skincare. Part of the collection is a toner (Lotion YK) that is a handy spray for men to use in their grooming regimen. This spray lotion is best used after shaving and made with essential oils. The scent is fresh and masculine. It gained points on the review radar for the convenient

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