Bring Your Personality into Any Room – 7 Tips You Can Try Right Now

Check out this easy guide to upgrading your living space during this stay-at-home era. Find inspiration for turning your room into a place that feels inviting, comfortable, and tells a story about your own unique personality. Your home can be a place for solace, or the perfect escape, and it can fill you with a sense of calm and comfort as soon as you enter your front door. It can also be cozy, comforting, and an inviting place that you want to live in. When your home is a place of comfort, that is when you can truly feel happy and at peace.

Not sure where to start? Experts say your home should represent you and your personality. It’s an extension of yourself, and therefore should reflect the parts about you that make you a unique individual.

Here are a few tips for bringing your personality into any room in your house:


Make a space where you create freely

To distract your mind from overwhelming thoughts, allot one corner of the room for your crafts and art space. Have your favorite art supplies out, plenty of paper, sketchbooks, a small paintbox—anything that helps you to play and create. This is where you get to be a child again, doing the things that you love and what makes you happy.

Choose furniture that suits your lifestyle

Comfortable, practical, and personal. This is what good furniture in your home should be. Make sure that it reflects your individual style. If you are more into bright colors, don’t be afraid to incorporate this into your room. Find a sectional sofa to fit any style to truly express your individuality. If monochrome suits you better, don’t worry about what anyone else might say. The important thing is that your space speaks to you as an individual and that it enhances your experience of relaxing there. Keep in mind that your décor does not have to be fancy or expensive. Simply changing up throw pillows or purchasing wall art from an artist friend can make a huge difference.

Reading corner for feeding your inner curiosity

Another good idea, if you often retreat to books to find calm and comfort, is having a cozy book corner. Design it with comfy sofas or throw pillows, blankets, and candles. Think of this space as your place to meditate. If you have young children, a cozy book space also gives them permission to be calm over a favorite book. It teaches them the importance of setting aside time for the mind to relax and seek peace from other creatives.

Plan where to display your collectibles

Do you often travel and collect souvenirs? In your home design, these are a wonderful addition. It can be as small as a seashell or as big as an oil painting. Whatever you love collecting, plan a way to display those items artistically around your home. Maybe you have other curious collections. This can be a conversational topic during parties; it adds that unique element to the design of your home.

Choose colors that represent YOU

Paint is one of the easiest ways to add color to your home. But when choosing your wall paint colors, make sure they are shades you will be comfortable looking at over many years to come. Vintage wallpaper, if it reflects your moods or personality, is also a fashionable way to spruce up any room.

Add picture albums as memory pieces

Nowadays, we all appreciate the memory of a fun vacation or a spontaneous trip to an exciting destination. But maybe you are more the person who appreciates remembering people who have special memories in your life. Family, friends who made your life meaningful; occasions that shaped your life experiences. Choose one room to dedicate to these memories. Think about the aesthetic symmetry of your picture frames, if you plan to display them on a wall. Choose photos that are meaningful and full of good memories. You want that positive energy to last a long time, transferring its light and warmth to everyone who engages with it.

Take personal risks

You can read all the fashion magazines that are in vogue. But at the end of the day, this is your home; your space; your decision to create. We suggest using fashion magazines, Instagram, and social media to get inspiration and ideas. But always, go back to your true, authentic self. Let the rooms in your home be a celebration of the unique creation that is your soul, your body, your spirit.