Catalyst: The Waterproof, Drop Proof Case for AirPods

Many of us have felt the Shakepearan tragedy of accidentally destroying our earbuds or dropping them into water. Since technology is an investment, there are ways to protect it. Catalyst creates accessories to protect your tech before it gets wrecked. The brand is partnering with Apple to launch its Waterproof & Drop Proof Case for AirPods in black and funfetti designs. Catalyst has covered all of its bases in the product’s contemporary design. Have you ever noticed the ring of dust and dirt that gets inside your case? Catalyst’s waterproof sealant keeps dirt out, protecting your case and preserving your charger. The lid’s sturdy design prevents your earbuds from taking an accidental dive at an inconvenient time. Catalyst assures consumers that its cases have a “P67 waterproof rating to 3.3ft (1m) and drop proof protection to 4ft (1.2m),” so you can take them on the go with confidence.  

Catalyst’s cases are flexible, minimalist, and functional. The soft silicone makes it easy to slip your AirPods right in. I did a four-foot drop test, with anxiously bated breath. My AirPods survived the potentially warranty-ending fall, and lived to blast my Spotify playlists another day. As a fan of funfetti in all of its baked forms, I loved the case’s vibrant sprinkle design. Its handy lanyard makes it easy to find in my purse, which is truly a feat. If you’re looking for a stylish way to increase the longevity of your AirPods, check out Catalyst’s new Waterproof & Drop Proof Case at Apple.      

Shop Catalyst’s Waterproof & Drop Proof Cases at Apple  

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