Celebrate Fall with Flair: An Autumnal Roundup

From signature marshmallows to essential skin care, this diverse roundup features fantastic new treasures.

XO Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows
Take your marshmallow game up one notch with XO Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. For a limited time only, this Fall favorite is available as an original seasonal marshmallow. Lite and fluffy, munch on these tasty delights solo, add them to your coffee for some extra flavor, or go old school and make some pumpkin-flavored S’mores. Fun fact: the founders of XO Marshmallow opened the world’s first marshmallow café. Nab your pumpkin spice before the season is over HERE.

Made with an exceptional kombucha and mixed with superior spirits, these canned cocktails are extremely tasty. It is well known that kombucha is considered a wellness drink, so this is a libation you can imbibe and not feel guilty about afterwards. Choose from two award-winning flavors: Mindful Mule and Sunshine State. Join their email list and enjoy $10 off of your first order. Get the party started at https://kombuchacocktails.com/

Marshmallow Body Butter
Show your skin some TLC and bring back that moisture with Marshmallow Body Butter from the clean-based beauty line 103 Collection. This vegan product is produced with plant derived ingredients to formulate a whipped, creamy texture that works well to protect and restore the skin. This scrumptious body butter has the sweet fragrance of fresh marshmallows, so you will love slathering this all over. It’s a lovely Fall season treat that will leave your skin silky smooth and smelling fabulous. Free shipping on all orders $50 or more. To see the entire luxury collection, visit https://103collection.com/

Valoie’s Hydro-Honey Serum Moisturizer
Amp up your glow and revitalize your complexion with the Hydro-Honey Serum Moisturizer. Created by the extraordinary Danish skin care line Valoie, this amazing product does double its duty. It’s a superior moisturizer combined with the ideal serum, and was created for both men and women. Hydro-Honey Serum Moisturizer penetrates deeply to nourish and heal the skin during cellular regeneration. Combined with a potent number of powerhouse ingredients that include calming honey, Vitamin C, anti-aging retinol and ceramides, after continued use you will notice fantastic results. Because this distinctive formula is both a serum and moisturizer, I consider it to be a staple for my bag or when traveling. Complimentary ground shipping on all orders. Simplify your daily routine; go to https://valoie.com/

Facetory Sheet Masks
Life can be stressful, so to help you enjoy the “me time” you truly deserve, I highly recommend a Facetory Sheet Mask. Not sure what area of skin to target when you can pamper yourself? This is where Facetory comes in! The mask bundles range from packs of 5-23 so you can try all the Facetory masks you please. They are super diverse, and target all of your essential skincare needs. The packaging is also so fun and colorful. When I first received my bundle everything looked so amazing that it took me a while to decide which to choose. For the ecological shopper, every Facetory product is cruelty-free and without sulfates, paraben, fragrance, synthetic colors and EDTA. Sheet masks are the newest craze everywhere and Facetory is affordable! Sign up with email and get 15% off your purchase. Indulge yourself with a spa day at https://www.facetory.com/

Lily Lou’s Aromas
Take the time to unwind in an aromatic sanctuary with Lily Lou’s Aromas. Established by nine-year-old MINIPRENUER, Lily Harper, her delectable smelling candles are so versatile, I guarantee there is a candle for every preference. Lily’s candles are not only extremely creative with their names and fragrances, but they are also exquisite. Some of her captivating scents include: Crescent Moon, Cotton Candy Whipped, Fruity Loops Whipped, S’mores, Champagne Showers, Pumpkin Patch… and many more. With your email, receive 15% off your first purchase. Bring on the tranquility and shop HERE.