Comfy’s Dream Big Blanket Has Got You Covered

When winter rolls around and drafty rooms have gotten you feeling cold and bothered, I highly recommend that you GO BIG and experience the lightweight warmth of Comfy’s new Dream Big Blanket.

Comfy’s Dream Big Blanket is an oversized version of a traditional throw blanket, offering lightweight cover for lounging. But it differs from the usual throw because it is also large enough to be used as a lightweight alternative to a heavy blanket on a full-sized bed. Constructed out of plush Sherpa fabric, the Dream Big Blanket’s velvety soft and silky texture feels luxurious and more expensive than one would expect at its budget-friendly price point. The quality is excellent.

Available in pink, gray, and dark blue, the Dream Big Blanket doubles as a decorative accessory, adding textual interest and a splash of color to your décor when it is strategically draped across a sofa, bed, basket, or chair.

This winter, get all warm and cozy with the Dream Big Blanket. Visit Comfy here.


Rachelle Nones


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