Craft On with Adults & Crafts

If you love crafting or have been thinking about a new entertaining activity, I suggest you head straight to Adults & Crafts. Since we are spending more time indoors why not take up a new hobby? The best part about Adults & Crafts is you don’t even need to leave home to go to the store. The whole process is very simple and convenient. You choose your craft, and a box will arrive at your door with all your materials and easy to follow instructions. Then it’s time to get crafting! With many great options to choose from, these crafts are perfect to do alone, if you are hosting a party or better yet in these times, a Zoom craft party, date night (could be a great icebreaker), or just doing something to step out of your comfort zone.

Adults & Crafts offers three main products: Individual Craft Kits, Craft Party Packs, and the most popular item, the monthly craft subscription box: the Adults & Crafts Crate. All the products are from reputable companies to ensure high quality crafting.

I tried the Agate Resin Coasters Kit. What I loved about this kit was the activity was fun and I got to be creative and just do something different that I normally would have not done on a Friday night. Not only was this an engaging activity, but who doesn’t need coasters! And it is much more fun to use something that you made and can be proud of. I liked that these particular coasters could fit in any household and that it was an original project for all types of personalities. The kit includes 6oz of ArtResin epoxy resin, an agate coaster mold, three colors of paint, an oil-based gold Sharpie, glitter, gloves and the accessories to create some stunning and impressive coasters. Other popular crafts on the site are the Wood Burning Kit, Engravings and the Beer and Wine Caddy.

Founded in 2016 by Marianna and Kevin the Co-Owners have a catchy and clever slogan “Crafting is Cheaper Than Therapy.” Before Adults & Crafts the Kevin was a civil engineer and Marianna worked in sales and marketing. Both wanted to get out of corporate America and do something creative, fulfilling, and meaningful. The love of crafting never died for either of them. Over a few beers, Adults & Crafts was born with the goal of packaging the fun of crafting and delivering it right to your door. Every project is tested Marianna and Kevin personally, guaranteeing that the materials and instructions are correct and straightforward.
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