Creating Cozy-Apartment Vibes for Fall

As soon as mid-September hits, and the air begins to crisp up, I get excited. The sun begins to set a little earlier, the leaves start to turn just a little lighter, and you have to bring a jacket to the function, just in case it’s just a little too chilly by the time the evening rolls around – the beautiful signs of early Autumn! When the temperature starts to drop, I start making soups and hearty dishes, cozy-ing my home for optimal comfort, and attempting to stay healthy(ish) while leaning into being a supreme couch potato. Below are some of the incredible products I’ve found this year that threw me into the fall vibes!


Smart & Compact Cork Trivet Set from Kuhn Rikon


I love to cook in the fall and winter times. One of my favorite things to do is make a hearty soup or stew. There’s something about the vegetable-chopping-prep that is just so meditative. I recently found a perfect cork trivet set from Kuhn Rikon that I’ve been using to keep my table from getting scorched from the bottom of hot pans and pots. One thing that makes this particular set great is that it comes with three trivets in large, medium, and small sizes, but that each also features a small magnet in the center. This is useful because the trivets stick to the pot or pan so you don’t have to juggle, but also because the trivets stay together- making storage really easy. I’ve been inspired to cook and host even more in the upcoming winter holiday season!

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Adjustable Pillow from Twilla  


For me, one non-negotiable is comfort. This is why I can barely wear heels and hate to be caught without an extra layer when I get chilly- I NEED to be comfy at all times of the day. I recently tried out the Twilla Adjustable Pillow and my sleeping game has been changed forever! This is such a unique pillow because you can adjust the fluff to your ideal level, let me explain…

This pillow uses a Pod-System, meaning that you can add or remove the quantity of Pods or reposition them to align your spine and cradle your head in the way that you prefer. The pillow unzips to allow you to fill up with more pods, or remove as you see fit. Each pillow comes with a set of extra pods so that you can adjust the amount to your desired fit! The outer layers of the pillow are made from a premium down-alternative called Light-Loft, that have a super soft feel on the cheek and head. The Pods are made with Cooling Gel Foam, which is a gel-polymer infused foam that pulls heat away from the surface of the pillow, keeping you cool at night (even when tucked under cozy blankets). As someone who was born with a longer neck and prone to waking up with a sore neck from lack of support, this pillow has seriously changed the way I sleep, and how I feel when I wake up. This pillow has been a crucial part of making my bed undeniably comfy and cozy for the fall.

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32oz Sand Bottle from Mermaid Straw


During the summer, I am someone who is out and about most of the time. I’m making plans almost everyday after work to see friends, or getting out of the city to enjoy nature on weekends. But when the weather starts to change and colder weather comes, I tend to want to stay home with my cat and finally catch up on all the shows and movies I’ve missed out on. I relish the idea of spending hours laying on my couch, cat on lap, cozying up to a good tv-show. But the real question is how to stay healthy while vegging out on the sofa? Hydration! I know myself, and if I don’t have an easy-to-drink beverage nearby- I just won’t drink at all. Finding a reusable water bottle that mitigates spillage for those couch-chillin days has been on my list for a while. I have found the perfect glorious bottle that does just that, AND is the perfect neutral fall color- the 32oz Sand Bottle from Mermaid Straw. This BPA and lead free bottle has a built-in straw which makes it incredibly easy to drink from, and a leak-proof twist top lid so I can be sure there won’t be any spilling on my couch (or on me!) even when I’m horizontal. The color is everything, a soft matte tan that goes with my beige decor. I’ve been taking this bottle everywhere because it makes drinking water fun, and I just can’t get enough of it!

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Hannah Kadyrov

Hannah Kadyrov is a native New Yorker and first generation American. You can most often find her scouring a flea market in search .925 silver and vintage denim, visiting Brighton Beach to get a taste of nostalgic Russian delicacies, taking her cat on a walk in Central Park, or at the MET. She is an adventurous foodie and will never say no to a new taste. Hannah studied Fine Arts at The Fashion Institute of Technology before spending the next few years working different roles in Print Publishing and Advertising. Her current focus is reading as much as possible and writing about anything and everything.