Creative & Affordable Gifts For The New House/Apartment

It’s that season when moving trucks start filling our streets, which had me thinking about all of the people with new keys to a house, apartment, condo, or dorm. Do you need a housewarming gift? Following are a few fantastic suggestions that will be appreciated by the recipient and not break your bank.

FreshCut Paper offers a collection of houseplants that I refer to as plant sculptures. This creative concept is ingenious, especially for someone like myself, who lacks a green thumb. You can select the bouquet or plant according to the recipient’s personality. They make a great conversation piece and are collapsible, like a pop-up greeting card, soap to be displayed or reused when entertaining. I am a fan of their new Wisdom Bonsai and Cactus Garden. Check out their complete selection at: FreshCut Paper.

Every new home needs new candles. Carrière Frères offers diffusers, room sprays, and elegant candles. I chose the latter for several reasons: 1). The recipient might not like or use the prior options. 2). Carrière Frères just released a new gift set of three this season and they make perfect sense /scents for every home. Their Botanical Set includes — Tomato, both tangy and sweet to conjure up indulgence, Verbena, which reminds me of a freshly cut lawn, and Orange Blossom, which is sweet like citrus with hints of the flower. Visit their entire gift collection at Carriere Freres.With a new space comes a new kitchen. I hope your recipient isn’t one of those people who bought or rented the place with a model kitchen to impress, but never use. Even if they are currently living on take-out, this gift should inspire them to test their culinary skills. Williams-Sonoma has a spice set with everything needed to spice things up from the oven to the grill and stove. The spices come in individual glass tubes and a handsome, rustic display case. Check it out at Williams-Sonoma.

Photo Credits: Williams-Sonoma, Carrière Frères, FreshCut Paper.
Graphic Illustration: P. K. Greenfield.