Cruelty-Free Home Additions for the New Year | Fomin Eco-Clean Towels + Zum Room Sprays

The new year is here, and so are our internal cries for a better world slowly unearthing themselves from our cavernous hearts of 2022 long past. Before we all pretend to be gardeners for the spring, the first months are usually dedicated to the home.

If you are desiring a sweeter home environment we’ve got some different options for you.

Fomin Eco-Clean Towels

Fomin Eco Towels Prodcut Image

For those who are sustainably conscious, Fomin, the creator of the beautiful smelling soap sheets, carries an array of eco-friendly products following their mission to create environmentally conscious, compact hygiene solutions for those on the go. Their Eco-Clean towels are their non-soap related product offering that follows this ethos, and introduces a reusable, compostable, truly sustainable towel.

How durable are the Fomin Eco-Clean towels?

I found the towels to be extremely durable, barely giving to my tugging to test it’s fiber strength as well as reasonably soft for usage on my hands, face and as a cleaning product. While it was absorbent, I would not use it for major kitchen spills, but try it out, and let us know? With so many sheets the sky’s the limit with testing.

And how use-able and disposable is it?

I kept one towel by the kitchen for light spills or water, tea and countertop wiping for a few days, using soap to clean the towel between uses. As for the disposable aspect, it maintained its strength and just for curiosity’s sake I threw it in the laundry … and it survived. So while these are listed as disposable I would entertain using it as much as possible.

The Eco-Clean Towel Details

Fomin Detail Eco Towels

The box of Fomin Eco-Clean Towels comes in an amount of 50, 100 or 200 count and arrives in a paper-material box and recyclable shipping package. They are chemical free and made from plant fibers.

They also boast an impressive resume being Leaping Bunny Certified, 100% Vegan, OEKO-TEX Certified, & TUV-Certified Sustainable.

These towels can be used in replace of face towels, hand towels, makeup remover wipes, and general cleaning wipes.

I personally found these the perfect accompaniment for frequent travelers. I have a few in a gym bag, a weekender bag, and my larger purse. Sometimes you just need a strong, durable man towel to support you when you are on the go and these Fomin Eco-Clean Towels do the job.

Shop Fomin Eco-Clean Towels

At time of posting prices run from $12.74 to $49.74

Zum Room Sprays

Zum Body and Mist Spray

I’ve been recently into the idea of room sprays after being introduced to a sudden compulsion to spraying fragrant sleep sprays all over my pillow before I sleep.

Why not extend this to an entire space? The smell of a room helps to support a particular ambiance you may be after.

Zum has all our scent options covered by offering a ton of room and body spray options in fragrances such as patchouli, lavender, lemongrass, frankincense and myrrh, and rosemary mint.

The Zum Amber Mist

I opted for their new Amber Zum Mist to assist in creating a warmer environment in preparation for the cold days to come.

While the spray is very light, the vigor in which I spray every ounce of my room makes up for it, by lightly coating each atom of space with the scent of vetiver, patchouli, lavender and finishing it all with cedar and bergamot.

Zum Amber Mist Product Image

Be sure to shake the bottle before spraying whatever you desire to make sure the oils disperse evenly.

The spray can be used in cars, on linens, laundry baskets, gym bags, inside sneakers – get creative and spray away.

Zum also offers other good vibe, cruelty free, plant based products for your home such as all-natural soaps, scrubs, body lotions, cleansers and candles.

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