Dreamy SIJO for a Cool, Restful Night’s Sleep

One of the most impressive new bedding brands on the market now is SIJO, a luxury bedding brand that uses both natural and scientifically-engineered materials to provide state-of-the-art cooling and comfort while you sleep.

The company was founded by Jacob Xi and Anni Stromfield, who adamantly believe that comfort can actually be engineered. Looking for balance in their own hectic lives, the duo realized that overall wellness was something that had to be intentional, and consisted of the little day-to-day decisions we all make in our own lives. A good night sleep being a priority in overall wellness, they realized that bedding played a role in just how well we sleep at night. SIJO was soon born. The sijo is the longest-enduring and most popular form of Korean poetry – and a poetic, restful life is just what the company intends to provide with sensorially superior, sustainable sleep products that are conducive to quality rest.

SIJO’s TempTune Cooling Mattress Pad delivers a soft, cushiony underlayer with a temperature-regulating ability to cool and heat as one sleeps. How does this work exactly? A patented blend of fibers are designed to absorb and distribute excess body heat as necessary, cooling you when you’re hot and warming you when you’re cold. This material is hypoallergenic and environmentally sustainable. Its made of a TENCEL™ lyocell + Mica nylon blend shell, temperature-regulating CLIMA fiber blend fill and recycled polyester skirts. Embedded within is a protective moisture-wicking membrane to make it super-soft and soundless. It comes in sizes full, queen, king and California king, making it a perfect fit for any bed size. It’s machine washable and really durable. This is one mattress pad that really provides a restful, cool night’s sleep — and with the ethos the company was founded under: a poetic, day-to-day wellness that’s been engineered with sound decisions for both the big and small things in our everyday life.