Easy Breathing with Air Rabbit

I recently went to see an allergist (review coming soon) and learned I am allergic to certain pollens, trees, weeds — which have only worsened due to the change of seasons. Bonfire smoke, damp mornings, and muddy paws: all markers that autumn is near, and I’m already sneezing. For others it might be the sniffles because of germs in the air or pollution from the streets. Fear not though; relief arrives with the sleek, chic, and ultra-effective A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier from Air Rabbit.

This investment purifier with a five-year warranty offers purification using three state filtration from BioGS® HEPA filtration. Its pre-filter works on pollen, pet hair, and dust mites, along with trapping odor and trap cooking fumes, dander, mold, and overall bacteria while covering up to 1070 square feet of clean, crisp air!

So you’re thinking “Cool, how does it work differently from any other air purifier?” Well, the A3’s internal fan speeds up when it detects any particles in the air, trapping them in the filter’s weaves, and then slows down to normal once the air is cleared.

The most impressive part of A3 is that I could barely hear.. anything. The A3 clocks in as being no louder than a clock’s tick. As someone who needs absolute quiet when sleeping or studying, the A3 elevates my living space.

There are multiple styles of covers, and I opted for the Iris one. This machine features a setting to change the light to multiple colors and evoke a mood for every occasion. Controls happen via the Bluetooth connection, which enables me to turn the A3 off or on, or to adjust it — all without leaving my bed (or while walking home).

After testing this purifier I have been coughing less, breathing deeper, and sleeping better. Hop to your shopping cart and grab A3 from Air Rabbit – you’ll be breathing better well into allergy season!