Five Fun Products to Add to Your Home Now

You’ll want some, if not all, of these items at home:

Tea + Linen Alhambra Acrylic Tray 
Heighten your everyday coffee or tea experience to sophistication with the Tea + Linen Alhambra Acrylic Tray. This exceptionally elegant and modern tray is definitely the upgrade you want when you are serving drinks to guests or if you want to add a little more elegance to your home ornamentation. The Alhambra Tray makes a great gift as well. Find this luxury tray and more fabulous house furnishings and décor at 

MomRemedy Everything Household Cleaner and Stain Remover
If you prefer to clean with wholesome products without the use of harsh chemicals then you will want to take a look at MomRemedy Everything Household Cleaner and Stain Remover. Not only does this product clean everything from crayons on the walls, pet stains on the furniture, sauce spills and more, but it is produced with only four naturally derived ingredients. The hydrogen peroxide-based formula is extremely successful against stains, grime, dirt, and odors. And MomRemedy products are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens plus there are no added dyes or fragrance so you can feel good about what you are using around your kids. Free Shipping on Orders Over $20 and new customers will save 10% when you enter promocode CLEANER at checkout. To nab your bottle and see the entire line go to

How to be Mindful In a Box
As chaotic and stressful as life can be, we all need to take some time out for ourselves to be at peace and to be more mindful. How to be Mindful In a Box helps you do just that. If you like small easy challenges that bring a sense of accomplishment, then this is the product for you. Each day you draw a card and complete the challenge that has been designed to inspire you and bring more self-awareness to your life. Some examples include: “Observe your thoughts while playing soothing music,” “Write a letter to a friend” and “Write down five things that make you smile.” Find this engaging deck at

If you have an affinity for art or are looking for a new and innovative way to entertain guests, you will love BillionDollarArtGallery. This product is super easy to use and a conversation starter for any gathering. Just plug the BillionDollarArtGallery memory stick into the USB port on any modern television and you will have over 500 works of some of the worlds most iconic masterpieces right on your own screen. Bring the Louvre, Museo Del Prado, MET, Uffizi, Van Gogh and many more renowned museums right into the comfort of your home. To enjoy art from many different exemplary eras go to

When you think of popcorn you probably think of your standard, movie style butter-laden treat. Not with EATABLE. This adult popcorn features an array of sophisticated boozy flavors, just without the booze so you won’t feel ruff in the morning. The premium popcorn is infused with wine and sprits and crafted with the highest quality of ingredients. Flavors include: Pop the Champagne, Whisky on the Pops, Pop the Salt & Tequila, Poppin’ Rosé All Day, Poppy Caesar, and Pop Goes Sangria. Not only are the different popcorn bags delicious, they also make a perfect party favor gift or fancy happy hour munchie! Check out the tasty flavors at