Fortessa, Echo + Zwiesel Glas for Home Holiday Tables

Fortessa offers quality dinnerware and flatware to both culinary professionals and at-home chefs, so as the holiday season arrives with the Fall season, keep Fortessa in mind for durable, modern tableware and glassware. Fortessa’s tableware stands up to even commercial dishwashers, and from textured plates to knives with impressive heft to the perfect cocktail glass, you’ll enjoy chef-quality tableware and glassware when celebrating the holidays with friends and/or family.

Old Fashioned Elegance
Echo Glassware is truly something special. Crafted with traditional glassmaking techniques from the Bavarian Forest by Zwiesel Glas, which was founded in 1872, this eye-catching line of barware has a lovely textural element that catches light in a dramatic way so the company’s products are prized by discerning guests and hosts. Toasting with Tritan® crystal glasses from Zwiesel is unlike any other experience, and has become a lauded, unique feature of the brand as a result. The high standards of Zwiesel Glas offers unparalleled quality, elegant design, and sustainability. These are break-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Find them here.

Cheers to Brussels Pilsner Glasses
If your holiday includes beer drinkers, the 7-piece Beer Basic Lovers Gift Set from Schott Zwiesel is something you should pick for your guests or consider as holiday gifts. The set includes six 13.5oz Berr Basic Brussels Pilsner Glasses and a Crafthouse bottle opener. These glasses are ideal for amber, wheat, pale ale, stout, porter or lager, and are shaped to complement them.

Schott Zwiesel is durable, of high quality for everyday use, and part of the Zwiesel Glas collection, which is valued by people in more than 130 countries. These are break-resistant and dishwasher-proof. Their brilliant clarity will inspire as you toast.

Peruse all of the impressive offerings for holiday tables and everyday use here.


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