Fortessa Tableware Solutions Haul – New Apartment Edition

Very recently, I have taken an interest in glassware and home decor. Why, you may ask? Well, as of late October, I finally moved into my own apartment! It’s a beautiful studio in a brand-new building, and it already feels like home to me. I got very into the decorating process. It was my first time having my own space, and it was so fun to plan out how I wanted it to look, from furniture to art. It was also my first time ever having to even think about dishes and such. Admittedly, I am not a cook, and since I never had my own place, I never had the opportunity to play hostess. But it was surprisingly fun researching glasses and bowls to fill my new kitchen cabinets. Naturally, the internet was rife with options. But none blew me away so thoroughly as those from Fortessa Tableware Solutions.

Debutante Pink Water Glass 10 Oz

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Haul

It’s no secret that the Beauty News family loves all things Fortessa. Our staff writers can’t help but praise their tableware—and I am no exception! What initially caught my eye was the pink Debutante water glass. Such detailed craftsmanship, and it’s reminiscent of an old-fashioned goblet. My guests and I enjoy everything from wine to milk, and every beverage in between in these unique glasses. It genuinely elevates the drinking experience.

Find your own glass online HERE.

Jupiter Cornflower Ice Beverage 13 Oz

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Haul

As another glass option, I chose the beautiful blue Jupiter Cornflower glasses. These add a nice, colorful pop to my cabinets, and they are way more fun to drink out of than your average clear drinking glass.

Find your own glass online HERE.

Jupiter Clear Cereal Bowl 5″, 13.5 Oz

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Haul

These Jupier Clear cereal bowls are just the ticket for my oatmeal and cereal munching needs. The texture adds a little something special that sets them apart from other bowls.

Find your own bowl online HERE.

And learn more at

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