Gifts To Send Them Back To School

Every student needs luggage, a book bag or backpack and I recently discovered the collections by Ricardo of Beverly Hills. They have both hard cases and soft bags/luggage. I personally like the hard cases because I’ve witnessed so many nightmares at the airport carousel — broken straps, a missing handle, bent wheels and once witnessed the contents (underwear) coming out of the pocket.

For travelin’ students, I recommend the standard/black hard case. Ricardo also has a multitude of styles and colors to choose from the traditional and conservative to the outlandish Beaumont that looks like a modernist’s painting. The best thing about their items is they have a wide price range to fit every budget and they are sturdy, easy to pack and maneuver, plus come with a built in lock. You can fill them with your student’s favorite items and ship it off.

Ricardo Of Beverly Hills

This brand is bound to be a hit on campus, in the dorm room and at the school library. The bold, stunning and creative style and colors get an A from me. Abel Honor of New York just released their “New Wave” and “Swan Lake” campaigns — both are certain to impress when studying the arts, music and/or fashion design.

This shirt will rock in the art studio, green room, warehouse or wherever creation takes place. Aside from the vibrant colors and sizes that fit every shape, this shirt is made of strong, durable fabric that helps to inspire. Think Jackson Pollock meets Keith Haring. Check out their entire collection at the link below.

Abel Honor New York

Changing temperatures, mood swings and a bit of homesickness is a part of going back to school. Send them a chocolaty hug with Super Cocoa by RDCL. The box of 12 will calm the student down for at least 2 weeks. They can make it hot or cold and it’s considered a superfood and plant-based for those who avoid other sustenance. You may also want to toss in the care-package one of their shakers. Get more information about this product here.

Every male student is not studying on the weekends. Many of them go out clubbing, sporting, dancing and carousing — regardless of fraternities. Send them a shirt from the design house Orttu. It may not be your style but then again, they are young and this is one of the hottest garments to hit the streets from the heart of SoHo in NYC to the streets and dance floors in Miami, New York, Paris and beyond. The student will agree that it’s designed for a fluid generation. Discover more at Orttu.

For the younger ones to remind them to call home, check out Armitron Watch. No, the watch will not communicate with your homestead but it’s a gift that they will remember and hopefully that will initiate a phone call instead of a text message. I suggest the line by Johnny Wujek, Emmy Award-winning costume designer and creative director.





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