Global Kitchen: Switzerland’s Kuhn Rikon, France’s Silpat™ + Mermaid Straw

Does your kitchen need some mid-winter, spring’s-on-the-horizon freshening up? If so, these products will add sophistication and ease whenever you need to sip, grate, grind, bake, chop, and smash. Each is amazing and practical in its own way:

A Dash of Swiss Epicurian Elegance

If you derive great pleasure from cooking, eating, and drinking, then you fit the bill nicely for being an epicurean. The Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon‘s sturdy silver Epicurean Garlic Press will elevate your meals and kitchen with its sleek design and ultra-effective garlic smash. Garlic renders everything healthier and more flavorful, so savor its intrinsic goodness with this ultra-mod silver press.

Epicurean Ratchet Grinder: Modern Grate/Great
The sturdy silver Epicurean Ratchet Grinder looks more like a MoMA sculpture than a grinder, so you’ll undoubtedly want it out on display in your kitchen. And you’ll have fun using it, too! It’s wooden ball-topped silver handle can be filled with culinary favorites, like cilantro, bay leaves, onions, and other healthy dish additions for playful prep.

Invest in these kitchen basics that speak of Swiss ingenuity that will endure the test of time and look magnificent: HERE.


Silpat™ from France for Easy-Bake Delicacies

Silpat™ offers soft, silicone-based bakeware from France for brownies, muffins, macrons, bundt cakes, and all manner of holiday treats (Hamantaschen, trees, stars, etc). They are strong and durable, and some people have enjoyed their Silpat™ sheets for as long as 7 years. They last 3000 baking cycles, so get cooking! If you bake a lot, or work with chocolate, or go through tons of parchment paper, then you’ll love these cooking sheets. With super sticky recipes such as hard candy or pralines, silicone baking mats are surely your best bet.

Silpat™ mats and moulds are made from a unique textile fiberglass core and unique food grade silicone wrap – that means they work consistently and clean up effortlessly. Every bake cooks evenly, releases easily and, because you need no butter or fat, your food’s healthier. Carefully treated, Silpat™ products will last for 3000 baking cycles. You know that great things happen in French kitchens.

Billed as a French Revolution in baking, this is one brand where the sentiment “Let them eat cake!” will be deeply appreciated. Shop HERE.


Mermaid Straw = Your Forever Straw

Mermaid Straw solves the plastic straw problem (and the ensuing paper straw problem) beautifully with their lineup of long/thick stainless steel and glass straws in an array of colors and patterns, straw cleaners, cups with straws, bottles, and even tie-dye hoodies.

Ideal for taking smoothies with you wherever you roam, and for enjoying drinks at home without having to constantly replenish straws, Mermaid Straw offers various sizes, too. Do you have a thick, fruit-filled smoothie? They have a straw for that! Do. you have iced coffee? Choose their thinner straw. Iced matcha? Opt for a medium straw. The straw cleaners ensure that you can keep your forever Mermaid Straw for years to come.

Siren Cup: Basic black and enormous, this fits in your car cupholder and stroller cupholder, and is great for when you know you’ll be replenishing liquids like crazy or for getting through a long day with your favorite beverage always on hand.

Lavender Cup: your new favorite cup is 22-oz and made from the highest food grade stainless steel. This has double wall insulation to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours. A super-durable, chip resistant, powder-coated and glossy finish ensures that your cup stays beautiful.

All Mermaid Straw cups come in an array of colors and patterns and can include a long 8mm straight straw and an 8mm matching color silicone tip. They remain cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours, and have an insulated twist-off lid.

Why Mermaid Straw?
this mission-based organization focuses on the reduction of single use plastics by offering re-useable alternatives. Most plastic in the ocean breaks into micro-plastics which marine life ingests, which contaminates our food and water supply. Mermaid Straw donates to Ocean Conservation organizations with each purchase.

Shop your favorite Earth-friendly steel straws, cups, and much more HERE.Follow @MermaidStraw.