Good Night Duo

In the thick of August, the humid air and constant stickiness is upon us until the cooler temperatures of October roll around… until then, to cope and feel refreshed, I’ve been stepping up my night routine with showers and bedding. These are two simple fixes that make the world of a difference, I promise.

To rinse off the dirt, swear, and pollution of the city, I use the MIZSEI Microbubble Showerhead. Designed with microbubble technology, this shower head uses less water yet cleans deeper than traditional droplets. The bubbles are ? of the size of human pores, enabling the water to attract any gunk and wash it away like a summer rain (all year long, of course). It was easy to install, and was around twenty minutes for the whole process. This shower head offers two sprays: the microbubbles and a standard spray for allllll the cleaning choices. The itty-bitty size of the bubbles offers a heated sensation once they burst on the skin, which I love after a long workout or running around campus all day. Since MIZSEI uses less water, after a year you can save an average of 6,800 gallons of water and about $200 in utility bills. This shower head pays for itself with cleaner skin, healthier hair, and saving water: a major win all round.

Freshly cleaned skin requires freshly laundered bedding to snuggle into, so why not have the very best linen sheets? Life Giving Linen offers breathable, cozy, 100% Organic Linen Sheets. Linen sheets provide health benefits such as preventing bed sores, absorbing moisture, and wicking moisture away from the body. This means I am dry and comfy all night long, and into the mornings. The bedding comes in various colors, though I chose an un-dyed natural cream for my bedding for a classic-yet-rustic aesthetic in my room. High quality sleep is priceless, so my experience has been nothing less than phenomenal. The first night I fell into bed and went to sleep sooner than I usually did, but I didn’t think too much of it. Over the next five days, I made note of how I stayed asleep longer rather than waking up as I did before in cotton sheets. It’s now a month later, and I can’t sleep without my Life Giving Linen sheets! I snagged a matching pillow case to rest my head on, and it also made the world of a difference. You can find the sheets here on their site to savor a good night.