Got (Filtered) Water?

Water is the tried-and-true beauty tip that keeps our skin hydrated, brain sharp, and keeps us from overheating as the summer months roll in. The quality of water is just as important and my top two picks for filtered water that will last a lifetime.

LARQ Bottle PureVis™

I’ve been going on hikes and traveling with the Bottle PureVis™ from LARQ for the past few months. And it’s a game changer. This bottle is the world’s first water purification system and self-cleaning water bottle. It kills up to 99% of bacteria and keeps water ice cold over 24 hours. I’ve gone roadtripping with this bottle, filling it up with water from not-so-great places (park and gas station fountains). How it works is simple: charge the top (for an hour and the battery life is good for a month) , fill it up with water, and screw it onto the bottle. I recently worked at a concert and before I left home filled up my bottle with ice water. Even in 90 degree heat for 9 hours, my bottle kept my water cold from the first sip to the last. Once the water ran out I filled it up at the sink, pressed the filter button on the top, and waited for 60 seconds before enjoying a cool drink. Now you’re probably thinking: how does this actually work? The secret is in the top, which contains a UV-C LED built-in light. The light filters the water, rendering it clean to drink and preventing any stinky old water smell. The Bottle PureVis™ is the ultimate investment bottle for anyone of any age, grab yours today here.


Our shower water is the building block of our beauty routines. From washing our hair, face, and body – the quality of water is paramount. Jolie gets that, thus their Jolie Showerhead Filter was born. This easy-to-install shower head removes heavy metals, chlorine, and other nasty particles naked to the human eye. This may seem like not a big deal but these contaminants can increase skin sensitivity, dull colored hair, and even be the cause of rashes. In the summer when I’m taking more showers to rinse off sea water or sweat, I want to know I’m not drying out my skin even more. After testing out Jolie for the past month, I’ve noticed the following (which shocked me too): less hair shedding and the feeling of a fresher scalp, softer skin with less body acne, and a cleaner water taste. (Yes I brush my teeth in the shower, judge me if you must). The filter comes in three beautiful colors: steel, black, and chrome to match all bathroom aesthetics. Each filter in the product lasts 90 days and can be replaced with Jolie’s easy subscription plan. Hello to a more beautiful you, naturally.