Gravity Blanket Goodness: Deeper Sleep

If you didn’t get a chance to make it the Brooklyn Gravity Blanket Pop-Up event, then experience a Gravity Blanket at home.

Take it from a skeptic: this blanket works. I’m not someone who can easily nap, and I tend to throw blankets off of me when sleeping, rather than wanting them to be even heavier upon me, but guess what? The weight of the blanket simulates something primal that instantly calms and soothes, and soon I found myself actually napping, nearly in spite of myself. It’s a dreamy new innovation for the woefully sleep-deprived and for masterful sleepers alike.

Give it a try! Find the Gravity Blanket with its duvet covering in a variety of sizes and in three colors (white, blue, grey) at Gravity Blanket. Also available at Bloomingdales.