Jannu & Me Candles – Bring the Outdoors Home for the Holidays

A Jannu & Me candle inspires calm and confidence. Lighting it, after walking in the door from the smoggy city streets is a special treat. The Black Clift citrus, sea salt and dark musk soy candles not only clear the air, but clears my mind, also. The brand is inspired by Jannu, the 25,300 foot tall mountain in the Himalayas, whose name means “mountain with shoulders.” True to its origin, a few minutes with the lighted candle, and I feel tall and proud while my shoulders relax and the tensions of the day disappear.

What sets this candle apart from others is the subtle fragrance and apparent purity of the surrounding air. Producer Stephanie Decker moved to Boulder from Munich, Germany and combined her skills with interior design and love of the mountains to pour relaxation, balance, and energy into these bespoke candles. Her recipe includes natural ingredients and a 7.5 ounce candle burns for 40 hours transforming my space into the majestic air of the land where cliff meets the sea.

Jannu & Me offers four blends, all perfect for the holiday season. Use Clearing in the Woods for Thanksgiving and Christmas to fill your home with cranberries, currants, fir, cinnamon, patchouli, and orange. For New Years Day, use Basecamp which is infused with white sage to inspire the feeling of arriving at the Everest basecamp after a fourteen day journey from Kathmandu. For the January detox, try Sunshine Canyon with its bamboo foliage and green floral scents for motivation to eat kale and drink leafy juices. For Valentine’s Day, feel harmonious and energized for love with Black Clift.

These candles also make great gifts! The only drawback is that there are limited quantities available. For more information, see https://jannuandme.com/.