Lélior’s L’Étoile Diffuser is an Interior Designer’s Dream

While scent diffusers fill a space with delicious scents, some brands go the extra mile to create an experience. Lélior House of Fragrance recently introduced the L’Étoile Diffuser to its home collection. This model builds on the sleek designs of its predecessors, using cold air diffusion technology to disperse delicious scents.  

Lélior is committed to beauty in design and function. Each diffuser doubles as a home decor piece. Past models include Le Bonaparte and Le Monet. Both diffusers win points for their flexible designs and superior function. 


The L’Étoile Diffuser builds on the successes of its predecessors and adds that certain je ne sais quoi to your home space. Its light, compact design makes it a flexible choice that could fit in any room. The L’Étoile Diffuser currently has six colors in rotation, so you can choose the one that best fits your color palette. This wireless model is easy to assemble. While most diffusers use water, the L’Étoile Diffuser mists fragrance oil. This feature helps eliminate mess while allowing the scents to linger. It leverages its cold air diffusion technology to disperse scents up to 500 square feet.

A remote control gives you easy access, allowing you to control the mist from the comfort of your couch. The remote control also allows you to adjust the fragrance strength and set boundaries around the time the device is on. An automatic shutoff feature lets you to make the most of each fragrance oil. These features give you more agency over how often and to what degree you use the device. Set the timer for one hour before your company arrives and prepare to be amazed at how quickly and efficiently your room fills with an enticing aroma. What’s better than the ability to have your diffuser and make choices too?    

Speaking of scents, Lélior has an impressive fragrance library to choose from. The brand uses high-quality ingredients to craft unique scents. Exotic locales, luxury hotels, and the natural world inspire their fragrance profiles. Lélior constructs charismatic aromas that make a statement. Each scent has a narrative that tells a story, looping the consumer into the tale. 

Capri is a tried-and-true favorite. With eyes closed, take a deep breath and picture a cove-studded island paradise. Top notes of sweet orange, mandarin, and Italian lemon evoke the essence of the fruity seaside landscape. These citrusy scents are perfectly balanced with middle notes of petitgrain and cardamom and base notes of caramel and musk. Try Capri or peruse Lélior’s scent vault to find the perfect signature fragrance for your home. 

Lélior’s L’Étoile Diffuser

Capri Fragrance Oil 

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