LOVESAC: For a Lifetime of Comfort

If you are looking for just the right combination of relaxation, function, and fun, the LOVESAC seat will have you covered. With six sizes and hundreds of covers to choose from, there’s a sack for every household.

The LOVESAC is basically a giant bag seat filled with a proprietary Durafoam foam mixture – no beans or beads. These Sacs resemble your typical bean bag but are waaay better! Bonus: Everyone loves them, from kids to adults to dogs and cats. The LOVESAC is extraordinarily comfy and makes you feel as though you’re perched on an actual cloud. Whether by me, my kids, my husband, or my dog, in my abode my LOVESAC is used daily. It’s an investment well spent, and the covers are machine-washable so no need to worry if you accidentally spill something or have messy little ones and pets.

Another LOVESAC perk is that all Sac inserts are guaranteed to last a lifetime. So buy one and you’re set for life! There’s also 100% free shipping on all orders within the United States. To see more of the amazing and versatile LOVESAC collection, visit