Lupe: the Carbon Neutral, Wireless Vacuum Cleaner of the Future

In our 2021 world where environmental concerns put the stress on our over-dependence on plastic, a new type of vacuum cleaner has arrived that is made out of recycled plastic and built to last a lifetime. This new vacuum cleaner is the Lupe. The cordless Lupe comes with a battery that can conveniently be charged like an iPhone .

To charge the battery, simply plug the charger into an outlet. After an hour, unplug the wire, you are all set. Now you can push the on button and start vacuuming around your house. The cleaning head picks up everything on the way and is particularly apt at swallowing invisible hair lurking in carpets, on bathroom tiles and even on the kitchen floor. To go into corners, simply add the crevice tool by instilling it into the accessory mount. For upholstery, use the recommended upholstery tool.

I really love using the Lupe as it is light, cordless, easy to move and the suction power is great. You can go anywhere you want with it inside your home without dragging an endless cord that might get trapped beneath furniture or even cause things to fall if you pull too hard. Though I own a robotic vacuum cleaner, I get frustrated with it too, because it does not cover corners or some areas properly. The Lupe allows you to reach corners easily with its small movable head. You can increase the power level from ECO, NORMAL or MAX according to the amount of dirt in the area that you are cleaning. I find that the MAX works best on carpets. There is also a setting for the Brush Bar that you may want to turn off if using the vacuum cleaner on a long-pile rug or a very delicate area. The vacuum cleaner can be held in Upright or Hose mode. Simply flip the switch with your foot or open the switch to set up the Hose mode.

To empty the bin, push a switch on the front of the vacuum cleaner and it will come off. Then open the lid and tilt into the trash can. Then simply slide back into the body again, wait for the click and off you go! This vacuum cleaner is indestructible. While most vacuum cleaners last 6 to 10 years, this one will last for ever. Other vacuum cleaners may use thinner plastic which is welded together instead of using bolts to reduce price and weight but these are then more easily broken and irreplaceable, forcing consumers to throw the model away and purchase even more single use plastic. In the unlikely event a part does break, each individual small part of Lupe’s product has been designed to be fully removable, recyclable and replaceable. The vacuum cleaner comes with a set of different plugs to fit any country in the world. Just detach the plug for your area and insert into your outlet with the cord.

The vacuum cleaner is only recommended to indoor dry surfaces. Do not handle any part of the product or charger with wet hands.

Lupe Technology is also very aware of the carbon footprint mass consumer household appliances have, and are the only vacuum cleaner brand committed to offsetting the carbon for each model sold, with the aim of becoming carbon negative during 2023.”

The Pure Cordless is the domestic appliance designed not just to shake-up the vacuum market but the entire home technology arena. We have strived to make a product as reliable and long-lasting as possible and hope consumers understand our mission to make technology stand the test of time. We want to help keep appliances out of landfill and perform as well as they did on day one for longer ” says Pablo Montero, Co-Founder of Lupe Technology

The Lupe Vaccum cleaner comes in three pieces, in one box; just open the box and attach the rechargeable battery, the cleaning head, and the wand to the main body. It takes three minutes.

Order this environmentally friendly, carbon neutral vacuum cleaner for the digital age HERE.