Metro Home Basics: Clean Water + Fresh Art

Here are some Home items that brighten, purify, and/or make the world a better place for all. Keep these in mind for Holiday gifting, too:

City map prints from Point Two Maps are an affordable way to add color and sophistication to your walls and to remember your favorite trips, cities, and adventures. Art should be personal — so with City map prints, you’ll have artwork that conveys your own unique stories about it. Find your favorites at Delivery is straight to your door and the maps are gorgeous! Choose and tailor multiple cities as holiday gifts with a deeper meaning.

No worries: clean water is ensured with the PUR Ultimate filter, which attaches easily to most faucets and is certified to remove 72 contaminants and substances. It removes 96% of mercury and pesticides, reduces chlorine, and removes 99% lead. It also has a clean sensor monitor feature to keep the filter up-to-date, and Bluetooth technology via a free app! The chrome finish looks sleek and modern, the price is right, so why wait? Health is wealth! Perfect for babies, pets, workout water, cooking, and, well… life. Find it at and at Walmart, Target, and Read about the other PUR models, too: PUR Advanced, PUR Basic and PUR Classic.

Globe In features authentic, fair-trade products from around the world, and gives back to the communities and artisans who made them. You’ll find a world of incredible gifts and home items at, including scarves, hand-painted mugs, Berber bowls, boxes, beauty products, and more. Every item has a personal story attached to it about the artisan who envisioned and created it. You can make the world a better place from the comfort of your couch by shopping around the globe through Globe In. Subscribe to the monthly Artison Box Club, too! Read more at

Make your home a castle!