Metro Home Best Bet: the Lasko Bladeless Heater

Say goodbye to winter’s frigid temperatures seeping into your home this winter, thanks to the Lasko AW300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater, which is rife with cool features (no pun intended). Order this as a holiday gift for all of your friends and family in the northeast too, to warm hearts and homes. Simple digital touch-controls offer high and low settings, an 8-hour timer for a cozy night’s sleep, and an automatic thermostat with remote control from your bed.

Set your mind at ease with the Lasko Air Logic Bladeless Heater’s enhanced safety features that include no visible heating element, a safe-touch surface, automatic shut-off, and a tip over safety switch, Cleverly designed heat channels blend air with heat to deliver quick, uniform, and long range heat projection. A patent pending blower technology creates powerful ceramic heat, and as a bonus: there is very low noise output with this heater. Easy to clean, there’s also a thermal overload protector that is built in to prevent overheating. If an overheat temperature is reached, the heater will automatically shut off. THIS is the ideal heater for everyone who has wanted a simple, safe, and ultra-effective heater.

Order it at And check out the other Lask heaters as well.