Metro Home Best Bet: ZENT NY’s Aura Diffuser

ZENT NY’s Aura Diffuser is an ideal solution for homes that need a little refreshing (think cats, dogs, babies, fish fry jubilees, sweat-drenched workout clothes, smelly sneakers) along with some soft ambient light as well. Aromatic and powerful, this beautiful device provides a natural essential oil aroma your home and ambient light in a whimsical, appealing pattern. The light is blueish and works for when you prefer the lighting to be low and sultry in the bedroom, or simply when you’d like additional light on a desk or end table. ZENT NY provides high quality, luxury home fragrance through various diffuser systems, including this Aura model (featured above).

Their scents transform spaces into havens for stress relief, and can boost your mood, or even be used as bug repellant since Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Lavender oil are the perfect bug repellents. Use this on your summer porch for bug-free conversations, summer card games, and lounging.

ZENT NY’s Hotel Collection of blended, fragranced oils are inspired by various 5-star hotels across the globe, and include Paradise, Santal, Park H, Westin White Tea, Waldorfy, Burj Khalifa, Four Seasons, Fountain Blue, Bamboo Quiet, Continental, Miami Bar Harbour Ritzy and Rich Bliss. There are also Fresh, Calming, Floral, and Perfume Collections. Choose your favorite blends: HERE

AURA Diffuser Price: $130

Available: HERE

Fragrance Blends Price: $32.99 each

Available: HERE