Metro Kitchen: Fourneau for Bread + Other Baked Goods

This duo will elevate your baking output, and they also make a great Mother’s Day gift for moms who love to bake bread and other goodies:

The Useful Oval Banneton
Fourneau makes an incredible oval banneton with a lid for sticking in the refrigerator or leaving out on the counter, whichever you please. These oval-shaped bannetons are fabricated with coiled cotton rope and come in a variety of decorative patterns to add a touch of fun and practicality to your kitchen. When baking your own bread (see the Fourneau Grande Bread Oven) giving your formed dough a supportive resting place in the final stage of proofing is crucial to developing deep flavor through retarding (refrigerated proofing) and it also helps your baked bread achieve a more uniform shape. Not only do these bannetons stand out from other traditional ones due to their unique material and color, but their lids set them apart, too. Enclosing the dough in the basket, typically achieved with a wrapped towel or plastic bag, is as simple to do as putting the lid on the basket. Each banneton comes with a non-bleached linen liner with an elastic band sewn around the top. These were designed in the USA by an industrial designer who loves to cook, and are from a small family business.

Price: $25

Available: HERE

The Forneau Stencil Set
When baking bread for yourself, your family, or for friends, decorating your bread with these laminated birch stencil patterns from Forneau renders them sophisticated and lovely. They feature simple geometric grain patterns that will definitely lend a timeless, contemporary flair to your bread and whatever else you bake. Durable and long-lasting, yet easy to store and maintain, these awesome stencil paddles measure 3.5″ x 5.75″.

Price: $12

Available:: HERE