Metro Man: Have Fun with Your Underthangs with Shinesty

Have you heard of Shinesty? If not, your life’s about to get much more fun as you experience their below-the-belt bliss. Shinesty is a subscription delivery service for men and women’s underwear, so you can flaunt new poses and eye-popping styles each month to keep things interesting.

For men: boxers, trunks, briefs, long leg boxers, matching couples sets, cooling boxers, X-rated, and more. Bonus: they have a useful Ball Hammock(R) to protect your future generations. The Big Bang has a glow-in-the-dark constellation, the Field Trip School Bus boxers are well worth investigating, as are the How Coke Is Made polar bears and Space Commando Spaceship styles.

For women: Boyshorts, bikinis, thongs, matching couples sets, cheekies, and more.

You’ll definitely laugh at least a few of their styles, and some can even glow-in-the-dark for undercover search and destroy missions. Great for anyone with a sense of humor, a sense of patriotism, lovers of keeping things fun, and people who simply like awesome underwear.

Shop everything Shinesty has to offer HERE — themes for parties, holidays, beach, Mardi Gras, beer, NFL, and more.