Metro Home: Novelties for Spring

Here are some practical items that will make an enormous difference when refreshing at home the Spring:

An essential item for last minutes touches, My Little Steamer DeLuxe by Joy Mangano removes wrinkles from shirts, dresses, and pants to ensure that you always look your absolute best, whether you’re heading off to work, getting ready for that big date, or traveling. Simply point the steam outlet holes at areas you want to steam, then create an up-and-down motion while holding the fabric firmly. Keep this steamer in its zippered bag for storage when not in use. Easy to use, quick and efficient, you’ll never have to worry about showing up in a crumpled top again. Find it at

For all your errands, discover the SnapBasket from the LUXE Collection of fashion-forward, sturdy, collapsible bags. Cool detailing includes vegan leather handles and modern colors and patterns. Whether hauling your college stuff to the car, heading for a picnic on the beach, or organizing loose stuff in your room, the snap basket definitely comes in handy. Folding down flat to less than 1.5 inch, you can conveniently keep it in storage when not in use. Find it in today’s top national retailers such as Target, Amazon, Sam’s Club, Costco & more.

If you’ve had your fill of inexpensive rubber gloves and allergic flare-ups on your wrists, Mr. Clean BLISS™ Gloves offer an excellent alternative. Made from a premium quality, latex-free vinyl material, Mr. Clean® BLISS™ Gloves offer comfort for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies to latex. Lined with pillow-soft rayon, these gloves make it painless to do housework and last for months. Find them at

Have you ever struggled to clean your water bottle? Find the brilliant solution with the Dawn Hydration Bottle Cleaning Kit. With a long neck and tapered bristles, the Hydration Brush can get into all corners of all sizes and shapes of water bottles. Find it at

For that cool, minimalist kitchen decor you dream about, get the countertop Dry Dryer Driest Rack. Though tiny, it can hold plates and pans and its non-slip base keeps the drying rack upright, while built -in ridges keep pans in place. This can be folded flat for compact storage when not in use. Find it in April 2018 at

Reach for the Squeaky Clean Brush to clean in hard-to-reach corners in the shower, sink, or anywhere that a regular brush won’t fit. With hard bristles, the brush can dislodge dirt that you never thought you would see dissipate. Purchase it in April 2018 at

Happy spring cleaning!