PILLOWPIA: The Best of Home Goods

For anyone looking to decorate their space, I am now convinced that PILLOWPIA is the best of home goods, plain and simple. As some of you may know, I moved into a new studio apartment a little over six months ago (see my Fortessa Tableware Solutions haul). And I am really enjoying the process of continuing to make my new space my own.

Gemma Lumbar Pillow

I’m not going to lie. For obvious reasons, what first drew me to PILLOWPIA was their Gemma Lumbar Pillow. I mean, how often do we have a pillow named after us? I had to have it. Plus, I was already looking for an accent pillow for my black loveseat.

The Gemma Lumbar Pillow is incredibly comfortable and sheathed in an ultra-soft slub cotton case with an attractive, albeit subtle, pattern. I placed it right on the center of my black loveseat, and it pops perfectly while also providing some comfort and back support. I was surprised by the difference this made to my apartment, but I am finding that the smallest touches go such a long way in making a space look like home.

Order your own Gemma Lumbar Pillow for $76 (now on sale for $57) online HERE.

Cold Process Bar Soap – Ancient Rose

My bathroom is my sanctuary. I strive to make it as spa-like as humanly possible, with a variety of shower products, skin care items, and cute towels. And you can probably imagine that the better smelling the soap is, the faster I’ll go through it! I ordered a Cold Process Soap Bar from PILLOWPIA in the scent of Ancient Rose, and the soap did not disappoint.

Order your own Cold Process Bar Soap in the scent of Ancient Rose for $12 (now on sale for $9) online HERE.

Chindi Coaster Set of 4


I never thought I’d care about things like coasters, but now that I am buying my own furniture, I am fiercely protective of what is mine. Like Larry David, I respect wood and use coasters to preserve my coffee table. These Chindi Coasters from PILLOWPIA combine function and style with ease. I think they look like little miniature rugs or magic carpets. And I adore the color it adds to the room!

Order your own Chini Coaster Set from PILLOWPIA for $23 online HERE.

Horn Trinket Dish

I am a collector of tchotchkes, and what better way to display some of them than with this cute Horn Trinket Dish? As of now, I have a mixture of some planet-themed, sparkly marbles and some crystals sitting in this dish, which is parked right on my coffee table. It is a great conversation piece, always prompting visitors to take note of my precious items and ask questions.

Order your own Horn Trinket Dish from PILLOWPIA for $18 (now on sale for $13.50) online HERE.

Learn more about PILLOWPIA HERE.

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