Planet-Friendly Trio: the UV-Light Glo PURE Bottle, LastRound + LastSwab

These three items will solve problems and help you save the planet as you use them:

Glo PURE Bottle: UV light clean
The Glo PURE Bottle purifies your water with a cap that imparts UV-C LED light to neutralize up to 99.9% of harmful and odor-causing germs. This is mercury-free, stainless steel, easily portable, re-chargeable with a USB charging cable, double-walled, and will keep water cold for 24 hours. The PURE bottle purifies your water at a touch of a button. Ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, jogging, and for ensuring the purity of your water wherever you may be. Save the Earth from the plastic bottle overload. Visit #purewateronthego @glo910_intrnational

Renewable Cotton Facial Swabs and Q-Tips are Here in 2021 (thank you, Denmark)
Imagine never having to buy cotton swabs for cleansing your face again, or buying Q-tips again. It’s now possible with LastRound, the sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds, and LastSwab, a reusable swab from salvaged ocean plastic for ears that is cleanable and comes in a carrying case for travel and storage. Both were designed in Copenhagen by LastObject, and the 7 pieces of 100% renewable LastRound cotton rounds can be used 1750 times! Wowza. Simply dry after use and add to the bottom of the case, which is ventilated and easy to pack for travels. Read more at Follow @lastobject

There’s no Planet B, so invest in our shared future.