Plug In and Twerk: Rockin’ & Stylin’ Headphones

Mobile phone and music technology continues to advance, so there’s no reason to get tangled up in Apple’s standard earbuds and other basics. Why reduce yourself to the bare necessity? Headphones create fun, functional fashion statements, and, as it is with music, they know no age limits. So what if you’re not 50 Cent, we’ve selected an exciting crop of headphones best suited to compliment the metropolitan listener in all his forms.

Skullcandy Fix Bud and Skullcandy X Kolohe Andino Uprock w/Mic

Athleticism, art and music are celebrated in a collaborative venture between Skullcandy and pro surfer Kolohe Andino – an exclusive Skullcandy Signature Series for Target Stores. Three distinct Skullcandy styles make up the collection, three that Kolohe cited as the styles he uses most often during training sessions or in preparation for heats. The Hesh 2, The Uprock and the Ink’d models are reimagined in hot rod burgundy, and repackaged in boxes donned with Andino’s own original photos. We recommend the Uprock, stylishly blaring mixed material composition in a simplistic on-ear design. You can even expect maximum comfort, the finish is soft to the touch, and they feature plush ear pillows.

Skullcandy gives mobility additional speed for athletes this season: combining the elements of sports with music to create the “Fix Bud.” For a majority of mobile listeners, when it comes to plug-in ear buds the bottom line is they tend to fall out. The slightest bit of motion and they need to be adjusted or otherwise stuck back in. Inspired by the idea of motion, and the shape of the human ear, these buds are intended to stay fixed in the ear at a walk and a run. The audio experience is uncompromised; they feature a pulsing bass and precise high notes. You can also use the in-line Mic3 to change your tune or check in with Siri.

You can pick up the Andino Uprock w/ Mic at Target stores and the Fix Bud at Zumies stores. Both are available at

Urbanears: Plattan Headphones

Isolate yourself with Plattan Headphones, a monochrome on-ear headphone by Urbanears. Bold and striking they span the color wheel in fourteen available colors; these headphones are also exceptionally travel- friendly. Not only do they fold down to the size of a fist, but Zoundplug technology allows a friend to plug in and enjoy your tunes with you, perfect for a couple in transit together! Sounds are magnified in these speakers and they drown out external noise, so you feel secluded in your musical bliss. Use the microphone and remote to respond to calls when plugged into your phone. Don’t have an i-phone? No problem! These also pair with Nokia, HTC and Blackberry phones. As if that weren’t enough, cable extensions make these adaptable to most other devices. Hook them up and rock out!
You can pick these up at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters,, or

Magbuds by Flux Audio

The horror of getting your earbud cords tangled can finally be laid to rest. Thanks to Magbuds by Flux Audio. These tangle free earbuds have a magnetic cable, intensifying the notion of convenience. Wrap them up when you are not using them! They fit nicely either on your wrist or the handle of a bag, briefcase or backpack. No matter how you decide to coil them up, they will remain that way. Additional features include a 3-button mic for adjusting volume/answering calls and premium 10mm drivers for crisp high sound as well as deep bass. Three pairs of noise-isolating ear tips come standard, each in a different size to ensure a perfect fit for all!

These are available