POLY Studio’s P21 Is What Everyone Wants This Year

There’s no denying that work-at-home meetings and Zoom are here to stay, so having a single monitor device that includes display, camera, microphone, speakers, adjustable (flattering!) lighting, and clearer sound with just a plug-in cord is a both a problem solver and a welcome relief. The Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display offers incredible clarity, brightness, and vibrant colors for everything you do online, and can be used with any video app with easy USB connectivity to your PC or Mac. This is a dedicated video display when you’re on calls, and an additional Mac/PC display when you’re not.

Place Yourself in the Best Light
Upgrade your personal workspace at home or in the office with the Poly Lens Desktop, and enjoy the robust Poly Lens cloud management for IT, too. The Poly 21” display has a magnificent built-in high definition camera, hi-fidelity speakers, microphone and adjustable ambient lighting will make you look and sound incredibly great – and that’s invaluable when leading teams, interviewing for positions, and pitching to clients. Forget filters: this is the visual upgrade everyone desires, combined with high tech clarity and cutting-edge performance. With dynamic, adjustable built-in lighting, count on looking your best in any light.

See What You’ve Missing
A sharp, vibrant display monitor renders your world so much clearer, similar to that feeling when you need glasses and finally put them on to see. The pro-grade conferencing display imparts remarkable brightness and vivid colors, so that you’ll pick up more crucial visual information, ranging from nuanced facial expressions to graphics on a spreadsheet. This also works well as a fantastic second or backup display when not on your video calls.

Hear What You’ve Been Missing
The Poly Studio P21 offers advanced microphone and speakers for pin-drop audio. Their full-fidelity stereo speakers will ensure you’ll never miss a word in a meeting, so no more shouting into your monitor.

Easy Access
There’s nothing to learn! The Poly Studio P21 works with the video apps you already know. A simple USB connection to your PC or Mac will transform your video conferencing experience. Volume and mute buttons ensure control is always within reach without fumbling for a mouse.

You can derive the most benefit from all of your Poly devices by using one convenient app to manage all your compatible devices, keep software up to date, adjust settings, and use the personal health and wellness reminders to keep you focused and energized throughout the day. Plus, you can rest assured that Poly has your back in terms of customer service, day or night. Bonus: its base serves as a wireless phone charger, which is a brilliant added detail.

Check out this YouTube video on the Poly P21. And this YouTube review from Headset Advisor, which also serves as a set-up guide. In this video, you can see how the Vanity Lighting works in dark rooms, office settings with overhead lighting, and other variously lighted locations. You’ll hear the microphone tested, and much more.

Based on more than 2900 reviews via TrustPilot, the Poly Studio P21 has officially been deemed “Excellent” and B&H gave it a full 5 stars. It’s affordable as a major gift, and as we head into 2023, we will likely all be looking into monitors around the globe every day – so you might as well make it the best experience with the Poly Studio P21.