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The winter season is now arriving, along with dry skin-crackling awfulness. Yes, my words devolve into shambles just as I shakily grab for the nearest bottle of water to help hydrate and defend my skin against the outdoor elements and indoor heating. Sometimes you can only chug so much water and put on so much lotion before all efforts feel futile.

Reminiscent of the days in the office and the bottles of moisturizer at my desk, I was reminded of how for years I was always wishing there was a small humidifier I could use. Most humidifiers at this point in time were rather large and with an already overcrowded desk echoing that of an eccentric hoarder, I ideally wanted something small that would add to the chaos rather than overtake it.

As if to hear the cries of age old past me, Multitasky has come to the rescue years later with their Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier. With an ingenious yet adorable design, the Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier turns anything that can hold water into a hydration station.

The Details

The Anywhere Portable Bottle Humidifier comes in a cute pill shaped container in the colors blush pink and cream white. You can fill the bottom portion with water or take the top off and place it into any glass or bottle.

multitasky portable bottle humidifier blush pink
multitasky portable bottle humidifier cream white

There are two modes. Press the button once for a constant stream of freshly moistened air and a second time for a pause between intervals. Press the button a third time to turn it off and you are back where you started. What a fun cycle!

The humidifier charges easily with a micro usb and can last up to 4 hours. The humidifier also comes with an extension for extra tall containers.

My Favorite Ways To Use It

I absolutely love how cute and portable this humidifier is. I initially used it at various “desk-like” locations to keep my skin and spirits high. Bedroom, living room, outdoor chairs, cafe – as long as there is a glass of water or an empty bottle I could turn anything into a tiny humidifier.

The power I felt was real.

However, my favorite use is actually when I’m stationary. I found running the humidifier at night actually helped improve my sleep. I’m prone to allergies and would wake up with a stuffy nose and a dry throat. After running the humidifier, I found I would no longer wake up with said stuffy nose or have to go through tissues when those polar ice caps melted.

But the humidifier only lasts a few hours? How would you make it last the whole night?

I actually attached a portable battery to the humidifier and it would keep it charged. I’d place the humidifier in a bottle with the extension attached and in the morning two thirds of the bottle would have been emptied of water – proof that it is indeed working and it’s not just my imagination.

Occasionally the humidifier would turn itself off. This is a good thing. With such a small device, having it run non stop on a battery could potentially lead to burning out the battery or damaging the humidifier from overheating. Having a timer is a safety precaution.

multitasky portable bottle humidifier in a car

The benefits of this portable bottle humidifier far exceed any small inconveniences such as occasionally having to start the device again. I can throw this thing in a bag or take it to any cafe ( and look strange but have great skin). I can have it at any desk I choose to work at. I can bring it with me while I travel on planes ( another place I tend to get super dried out skin ). I can bring it in my car and I can have it on my nightstand while I sleep. This one small humidifier can go with me everywhere, making it one powerful minimalist item.

Multitasky also has a wide range of very cute, very practical office and home items to upgrade your environment. They are currently running a sale of 30% off sitewide, 35% off $100+, or 40% off $150+. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. Be careful though. All their items are useful as well as aesthetically pleasing so go in prepared to want everything.

If you are interested in owning your own portable hydration station you can check it out here.

Learn more about Multitasky and how they started

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