Pumpkin Spice Is Not The Only Scent This Fall

Boy Smells by Grace Jones: This scent is a love letter to her motherland of Jamaica with the aroma of black pepper, bergamot, water lilies and fresh freesia blossom. It also conjures-up the allure of salt air from clear blue ocean waters and musk of a Jamaican rainstorm. One strike of a match will bring your senses to another world. I can’t think of a better Halloween treat.

“I feel feminine when I feel feminine. I feel masculine when I feel masculine. I am a role switcher.” — GRACE JONES

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I chose two candle scents by Carrière Frères as temperatures slowly drop many of the trees begin to sway in the fall breeze and change in color, fertility and beauty.

Cedar is an aromatic, durable wood that is also lightweight. It has always been appreciated by wood workers, craftsmen and sculptors for centuries. You may or may not know that cedar oil also has medicinal properties — the resin was used in ancient Egypt. This candle scent is masculine, clean and perfect for the study room or bedroom.

The evergreen Cyprus tree can reach over 130 feet tall.  Its name is derived from the Greek mythology in which Apollo turned Cyparisse, Telephus’ son, into a cypress. I appreciate the pure, outdoor scent and it may just conjure up a few of the ancient world’s gods or goddesses.  It’s perfect for his/her bathroom.

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Happy Fall to all…