PUR Home Cleaning This Autumn

Deep cleaning of our homes is always a good idea, especially as we head into a chill autumn from these balmy dog days. The thing is, so many cleaning products have yucky ingredients that are actually harmful to our health and environment. I came across PUR Home, a Black woman-owned business founded by Angela Richardson and Michelle Richardson. Their passion for natural products has expanded the PUR Home line, and here are some of my favorite products from PUR Home (P.S. – everything is vegan and cruelty free!)

Starting strong, I love scrubbing my tub, sink, and yes floors with the Multi surface scrub cleaner in Lavender. Its limited and natural ingredient list offers strong cleaning action against bacteria, grime, and dirt. I shake a bit into the desired area to be cleaned, add a few drops of water or vinegar to make a paste, and start scrubbing with a brush. Not much elbow grease is needed since this cleanser does most of the work. After scrubbing I rinse off the surface, dry it off with a cloth and bask in a scent of lavender freshness.

To boost my clothes without the harsh chemicals of bleach, Oxygen Whiter in Lavender Basil has come to my rescue. Natural and gentle my skin, I add a scoop of the flakes into my washer machine cycle. The floral scent lingers on my clothes and I especially love this whiter for my ivory satin PJ set for both the results and smell. There’s no going back to bleach for me!

Keeping surfaces clean is a must-have in my life, so I bust out the All in one concentrate. I have two scents: Rosemary Citrus, an herbal and lemon-y profile, and Lavender, which smells like a floral field. Only a few drops are needed to clean surfaces, wash dishes, or even add into my laundry.

PURHome is an ideal fit for everybody looking to make a conscious change in their cleaning routine. Pick up their products here.


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