Purify Your Home’s Air + Surfaces with Nature’s Power

During this Covid 19 crisis, we have learned to re-adjust how we live in many ways. Wearing a mask as we leave home has become almost as natural as taking our phone or keys. When we return, many of us leave our shoes outside of our door or in the foyer of our house and clean our mask right away. To make sure that germs from masks, shoes or other people don’t enter the home and to protect air and surrounding surface areas in them, extra precautions are not superfluous in these dire times.

There are many types of air purifiers that exist to cleanse the air we breathe. However, a new purifier now exists that can keep your air and home surfaces clean of viruses, removing bacteria pathogens even in hard-to-reach areas and inside objects — all without dangerous chemicals, and only with the immune boosting power of probiotics. Sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it?

The Better Air Biotica 800 Air Purifier uses micron-sized probiotics derived from soil and plants to balance the indoor ecology of your home and rid it of anything in the air that can compromise your lungs. It’s a good tool for people with allergies or compromised immune systems or health issues who fear exposure to the coronavirus known to spread very easily through air. Compact and easy to install, the Biotica 800 uses a filter-less system consisting of a cartridge filled with 100% organic probiotics.Through out the day, it releases short bursts of these probiotics during a cycling protocol that is repeated continuously 24/7. Don’t worry about noise, as the Better Air Biotica 800‘s motorcycling sound is minimal. You will not hear it if you install it in your bedroom. You can, however, put it on standby for a 10-hour period if you prefer. When it is activated, the dispersion frequency is automatically altered during the 14 hours operating time to adjust to the period when it is on standby. Each cartridge lasts about 3 months. Better Air Biotica 800 received the seal of Made Safe Environmental Probiotics and the PTPA certified seal of approval, and is certified by the National Asthma Council Australia. Cleanse the air in your home of viruses with the power of probiotics at https://betterairus.com.

To cleanse your masks and clothes in the most thorough way possible, so as to eliminate all germs, use a tested cleansing formula that removes all pathogens so that they are as clean as possible. Powerizer Complete is  biodegradable formula that contains hydrogen peroxide recommended by the CDC to disinfect materials and surfaces. This innovative home cleaner is made with plants and minerals and contains sodium percarbonate that, when mixed with water, turns into hydrogen peroxide. It does not use any additives, toxins, phosphates, dyes or fillers. You can use it to clean everything in your home from floors and surfaces to dishes, tile, carpet, masks and clothing. Simply add water to activate it! USDA BioPreferred, it is available at https://powerizerclean.com.
If you’re weary of keeping an especially clean home during this crisis and of constantly maintaining a virus free environment, then order these two revolutionary products that have proven their efficacy with no harmful chemicals.