Roses That Last for Three Years? Yep! Million Roses Will Make Her Smile

Everyone loves getting roses, but then we all hate to throw away those wilted buds within a week. What if our roses could last “forever”? And what if we could even choose roses that are not only colored by mother nature? Million Roses has it all.

How do they do it?

Million Roses creates bouquets of real roses that last about three years. How? First, they gather the most magnificent roses grown in Ecuador. When the best ones are picked, they’re sent to Los Angeles and undergo a re-hydration process where they are put in a mixture of glycerine and other plant elements. The liquid rises up the stem and into the flower petals, creating a gorgeous rose that won’t wilt or dry out. They are then placed in a hand crafted box created to compliment the bouquet.

Colors and Arrangements

The range of colors available is incredible. Of course, there are natural rose colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, and peach. But why limit yourself to those choices? Select from gold, black, royal, aqua, green and purple. The boxes, which are round, square, or even heart-shaped, also come in a bouquet of elegant colors.

Sizes and Shapes – Something for Everyone

Not only does Million Roses offer a large variety of colors, they also offer a variety of sizes – from a single rose to huge bouquet.

Next time you’re thinking of buying roses for yourself or someone else, buy some that will last for years, Million Roses.