SideTrak Swivel: Expand Your Laptop!

If you’ve ever wished you had a side screen to refer to during a Zoom meeting rather than switching between tabs, SideTrak has the new tech item for you: The SideTrak Swivel. This attaches to the back of your laptop via a steel plate and magnet (which can be removed if need be, yet is ultra-sturdy; alternately you can attach it to your laptop case instead), then its screen swivels up to present an extended side screen with an optional kickstand.

The next time you’re discussing something important in a Zoom meeting, enjoy the advantage of being able to immediately refer to a document you have up on your second screen. You can easily remove the second screen when need be, but you’ll likely grow so used to its convenience that you probably won’t want to.

Configured for both Macs and PCs, and easy to install, there is no downloading required for setup – simply plug in and go. It’s that easy! The SideTrak can be attached to the left or right side of your laptop too, to adapt to whichever is easiest for you, and various adaptors ensure port-and-plug compatibility. The SideTrak Swivel comes with a one-year warranty and replacement parts are available when needed.

Imagine all of the things you could do simultaneously with an extended, separate screen! Visit SideTrak Swivel HERE.